PXE boot for some computers doesn’t work, SCCM 2012

Sometimes computers won`t PXE boot for some reason when you are re-installing the Operating system using System Center Configuration Manager.
There can be several reasons for that, most common reason is that the computer object still are located in the SCCM database.

Here are some tips for how to remove obsolete objects:

  1. Search for compuetername in “All systems” found under; “Assets and compliance ->Devices”  and delete the computer from the list
  2. Search for MAC addresses using an report called: “MAC – computers for a specific mac address” found under “Monitoring -> Reporting -> Reports”
  3. Check the SMSPXE.log stored under: /Program files/SMS_CCM/Logs, find the entry where the computer tries to PXE boot and take a note of the “Resource ID” and search for the Resource ID on “All systems” found under; “Assets and compliance -> Devices”, you may need to add “Resource ID” column before searching.

Start with tips one, two and then three, number one and two can save you some time 🙂

The pictures under is for tips three: