Build failed! – doing .NET stuff

So this time I have done something that I usually don’t do.. I`m building software and trying to fix some shit! 🙂
By following a tutorial on deploying Verified ID i stumbled upon a issue when building my webapp for issuing and verifying decentraliced ID.

As I don’t do .NET stuff at all i was stuck..

So I called out to a couple of collueges and we started doing LOTS of debugging and ofc. as they are developers they got it up and running on their machine without that much of a hassle. So a big shout out to Øvind Aas-Mehren and Eli Schei for their help and huge knowlede on this black magic developer stuff that an IT Pro stumbles uppon. (Btw. Have a look at Eli`s blog as well –

On my machine I had installed .NET 7.0 and then .NET 6.0 and then .NET 5.0 but still no dice and I did not understand where the issue was.

After a lot of investigation we found that my “Nuget sources” is missing from my machine(s) – Yes machines as I tested ofc. on several machines and got the exact same issue on both my laptops.

To add the source I needed (the Nuget source ofc..) it was realy simple – just one command in Visual Studio Code
dotnet nuget add source --name

And after adding the source this was the result when listing out sources

And then since I now have a Nuget source I ran the dotnet build command and voilà!

Still lots of warnings – but NO ERRORS 🎉

I now got my site up and running to test further on my Verified ID and Decentralized Identification project that i’m working on