How to keep up-to-date

So how do you keep yourself up to date on tech?

This is a question I get a lot and it`s a bit tricky question if you think about it.
Technology and of course Cloud solutions are in a rapid change at all times and to be able to be on top of all the changes is not possible at all.
For me, I gain my insight from several sources every day and it`s a continuous task to be up to speed on the topics that you like to follow.

My topics that i follow closely are these:

  1. Azure AD and all IAM related Azure news
  2. Endpoint Manager aka Intune
  3. Microsoft Defender (whole suite)

Other that these topics I do also keep an attention on – but the three on my list I keep an extra eye 🙂

So how do I manage to get information about topics and tech?
I use Twitter as main source and also keeping my eyes on the “What`s new” section for all the products I`m keeping track on.

Keep in mind that the list is a snapshot of how it looks today (31.10.2022) and will most likely be outdated already.

What`s new feed:

  1. Azure AD – 
  2. Intune –
  3. Microsoft Defender –
    1. Microsoft Defender suite has more services that are linked within this page.
  4. Windows 365 –
  5. Sentinel –

I`ll share three good twitter handlers to follow for getting more fresh information:

  1. @merill (
  2. @Alex_A_Simons (
  3. @Brinkhoff_C (

For a complete twitter list please have a look at my twitter profile and see who I am following 🙂