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Check for Active Directory replication failures

A quick and easy way to check your Active Directory for any replication errors using Powershell.

Get-ADReplicationPartnerMetadata -Scope Domain -Target (Domain name) | ft Server,LastReplicationSuccess,ConsecutiveReplicationFailures -AutoSize

This will list all your Domain Controllers and when they last replicated successfully and show how many consecutive replications errors they have (if any).

DFS Replication error on Domain Controllers

If you have DFS replication errors on one or more domain controllers, first find out witch domain controller that has the error.
log on to all your domain controllers and check the Event log -> Applications and Services Logs -> DFS Replication and look for Warnings.

In this example the domain controller had an dirty shutdown based on power failure.

If you find this one, the resolution is described in the event

1. first of all, take backup of your SYSVOL directory on all domain controllers (usually found under c:\windows\sysvol)
2. run the wmic command described in your event id in an elevated command prompt
3. the method should execute successful and the Return Value should be like 0;

When this is done, you should see an information event in event viewer: