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Windows: New files temporarly not visibel for 3rd party applications

When new files are created on a Windows server some third party apps will not se the new file for a few seconds. This may cause unwanted delays. The reason is that the 3rd party applications uses the Directory Cache to poll for new files. This cache are updated every 10 seconds. To resolve this problem change the Registry string HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Lanmanworkstation\Parameters\DirectoryCacheLifetime (DWORD) to a value of 0. This will disable the cache and resolve the file doesn’t exist issue.

PS: always back up the registry before doing updates. If you do not… well…

Fileserver: Hidden attribute is greyed out

If you get a greyed out “Hidden” attribute on one of your folders on your computer or fileserver you can use the command “attrib” to unhide the folder/files again.

Start Command Promt. (Start – run – cmd)/(right click on lover left corner and click on Command promt in windows 8)
Type in:

attrib -H -S "Your folder"\*.* /S /D

(where “your folder” is changed with for eks. C:\users\administrator)

If you wounder what the attributes in attrib does type: attrib /?