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Get SMTP adresses with CSVDE (commandline) in Exchange 2003

This one gives you username and primary Email address

csvde -f users.csv -r “(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user))” -l “sAMaccountname,mail”


This one gives you ALL email addresses connected to the user

csvde -f users.csv -d OU=SBSUsers,OU=Users,OU=MyBusiness,DC=Company,DC=no -r (mailnickname=*) -l “sAMaccountname,mail,proxyaddresses”

Corrupt database in Exchange 2003

The following steps can be useful to diagnose or repair an exchange 2003 database that have been corrupted due to disk failures.

Using the tool eseutil.exe you can diagnose and repair a faulty Exchange database.


Check for Clean Shutdown
Run the following commands
Eseutil /mh priv1.edb
Eseutil /mh pub1.edb

If you find the status Dirty shutdown, then attempt a Soft Recovery

Run the following command

Eseutil /r E00

If soft recovery fails, do a hard repair

Eseutil /p priv1.edb
Eseutil /p pub1.edb
Delete *.log
Mount and then dismount stores one at a time.

If you still get a error message when mounting the stores try the following:

Delete all logfiles. Check the option Exchange system manager -> Servers -> Servername -> Storage group -> Store -> Rightclick -> Properties -> database -> “This database can be overwritten by a restore”

Retry mount of store.


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